About us

Our company is engaged in the field of silversmithing since 1990, consistently manufacturing jewellery of perfect quality. In recent years, we turned to the manufacture of ecclesiastical items, such as pectoral crosses and encolpia, handmade chains, cuff links, mitre crosses and pectoral walking crosses, combining our modern laboratory with our personnel’s experience and the traditional ecclesiastical art with modern technology. The result of such effect is the construction of products of perfect quality and aesthetics with full respect to ecclesiastical tradition. By using the best materials and upgrading our services, we have managed to achieve the recognition of our products both in our country and in other coreligionist countries.


Design – Modelling

We have our exclusive designs which are inspired from byzantine ecclesiastical art and tradition.


Materials used

We respectively use metals as materials, such as brass, silver and gold. Meanwhile, depending on our customers’ needs, we enrich our products with precious and semi-precious stones. In particular, the enamel used in our construction comes from Russia. All our products are accompanied by quality guarantee and they are delivered packaged.