Our company has been active in the field of silver and goldsmithing since 1990, consistently manufacturing jewelry of excellent quality. In recent years, we have turned to the construction of ecclesiastical items, such as scientific crosses and inlays, handmade chains, cufflinks, miter and promenade crosses, combining through the modern workshop and experience of our staff, ecclesiastical traditional art with modern technology.

The result of this effort is the manufacture of special products of excellent quality and aesthetics with absolute respect for the ecclesiastical tradition.
Using the best materials and upgrading our services we have achieved the recognition of products, both in our country and in other religious countries.

Design – Modeling

The designs are exclusively ours, inspired by Byzantine ecclesiastical art and tradition.

Maintenance – Repairs & Special Constructions

We undertake the maintenance and repairs of important jewelry that you have, so that with our knowledge and art, their quality remains unchanged.
We are also available to listen to your thoughts on the products you would like, so that we can build them in collaboration with you and make them happen.


All our products are accompanied by a quality guarantee and are delivered in a gift box.
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