We know that people hide in their hearts sensitivity, love and their whole soul is surrounded by gold.

Our goal is to bring out and share such feelings through our work.

We have created a workshop with attention, excellently equipped and ready to produce jewelry that is filled with respect and love for Christianity.

We are selective in the materials we use and have a preference for metallic materials, such as brass, silver and gold.

Our workshop started in 1990 and produces exclusive designs in silver and brass hierarchical jewelry, decorated with precious and semi-precious stones, with pearls and enamel of Russian origin.

Our workshop is based on handmade work following all the stages of design, shaping, nailing and finishing (finishing) of our various products.

Finally, we apply the casting and carving of metals from the beginning. This is followed by “hand” processing (filing, use of sandpaper, brushes, varnish, stone nailing and final finishing).